Notable Changes from 2018

  • Addition of Yacht Club Class.
  • Change of venue to US41.
  • No double entries.
  • Burnouts allowed past the starting line.
  • Changes to max field size on several classes.
  • Sr. Class buy in: $1.
  • Changes to format of Jr. Bikes Class cruise.
  • Removal of Sr. Bike Class.
  • Please review rules carefully for any other changes not listed here, these are just the major notables.


  • KOTS is the original “no prep” event–the track will be untouched throughout the event (unless a wreck/oil down occurs)
  • All races will be “1st round off the trailer”–NO test passes on race day.
  • Burnouts must start in the designated burnout box, and may be driven out as far as desired (WATER ONLY)
  • After first round matches are drawn a bracket will be followed after that.
  • STARTING METHOD: .400 Pro Tree (7 second timeout) for all classes.
  • BYE RUNS: Last racer drawn in the round, will automatically advance (no pass allowed) to race against the first racer drawn in the following round. The drawing racer will have lane choice
  • LANE CHOICE: Regular draw, 1st name out (of each pair) has lane choice Bye run: 1st name drawn (against the previous round’s bye) has lane choice
  • CENTER LINE: Crossing the center line in front of your opponent (before the win light indicates a winner) will result in a DQ. (crossing behind does not DQ, but use your head please!!)
  • DOUBLE RED LIGHTS: In the event of a double red light, the generally accepted “first/worst” rule will apply.
    (Race coordinator will prove first/worst to the racers ONLY, upon request)
  • RED LIGHT & CENTER LINE: In the unlikely event that one racer red lights, and the other crosses the center line in front of said red lit opponent, “first/worst” will again apply (example: Most likely, the red light happened first, so they would be out)
  • ALL cars must have NHRA approved diapers or retention pans (fabricated ok), must meet NHRA requirements
  • US41 will have their concessions stand & bar open and available for everyone (NO ALCOHOL FOR DRIVERS, SUBJECT TO DQ). Any patrons who appear to be over-served or belligerent will be denied alcohol sales, and may be ejected into police custody if they are a problem
  • VIP spectator areas are strictly off limits to children under 18
  • RULINGS: Starter has authority to DQ any car while on the line (as with any event). Any other rulings will come from the race coordinator. All rulings are final.
  • A racer may be DQ’d for any reason not listed here at the discretion of track or KOTS staff.
  • DQ will result in forfeit of any & all entry fees
  • There will at least 15 minutes between rounds, save for any unexpected delays (wrecks/oil downs). (time frame will be adjusted if necessary to ensure timely completion of event)

Class Rules

Rules for Street Life Classes

  • All entries must be legitimately registered and insured.
  • The cruise will be between 10-45 miles.
  • Passing lead car or falling behind chase vehicle will result in DQ. (This includes getting pulled over.)
  • When we return stay in staging lanes until released.
  • At no point may the driving tires or rims be removed. What you cruise on is what you race on.
  • Must complete entire cruise under vehicles own power, unassisted.
  • Engine diapers are not required.

Hard Tire “220” Street Life Class

  • Minimum 220 UTQG treadwear rating
  • No AWD
  • 1/4 mile
  • Any FWD stages with back tire
  • $100 entry (due @ lock in)
  • 80/20
  • 16 car field

275 Street Life Class

  • Max 275 drag radial
  • AWD ok
  • Any FWD stages with back tire
  • 1/8 mile
  • $200 entry (due @ lock in)
  • 80/20, Sponsored by 1320 Wheels
  • 16 car field

KOTS Yacht Club Street life Class

  • 17” DOT drag radial or bigger
  • AWD allowed
  • Must weigh at least 4100lbs
  • After pass don’t miss scales by the ticket booth or you will be DQ’d
  • Must be driven to and from pits
  • Must have factory glass, full exhaust to the bumper, and no cut outs.
  • 1/4 mile
  • BUY IN: $200 (all due at lock in)
  • PAY OUT: 80/20 winner/runner up.

KOTS Jr. Class

  • Tire: Any 26″ tall, DOT-approved Drag Radial (M/T PRO BRACKET RADIALS ARE *NOT* DOT DRAG RADIALS, FYI)
    15″ (235/60R15, 275/50R15)
    16″ (245/50R16, 255/50R16, 255/60R16)
    17″ (245/45R17, 275/40R17, 315/35R17, 335/35R17)
    18″ (275/35R18, 285/35R18, 295/35R18, 305/35R18, 315/30R18, 335/30R18, 345/30R18)
    *****If a tire has a “flotation” size (i.e.: 26×10-15) it is not a DOT drag radial; MUST be “P-metric” sizing (if a tire is not listed here, please ask.)*****
  • Suspension: ALL stock type, aftermarket parts OK. OEM STYLE FORWARD MOUNTING LOCATIONS (reinforcements/battle boxes OK; ***NEW multi-hole OK***); axle/rear control arm mounts may be adjustable/multi-hole, but must retain stock bracket location. No 4-link/ladder bars. Anti-hop, Slide-a-link, South Side Machine or Caltracs OK. Coilovers OK, minor relocating of shock OK; Relocated Leaf Springs (inboard for clearance) OK; ***NEW: ARB OK***
  • Cage/chassis: Highly encouraged, NO 25.x, NO back half/tubular frame rails; No wheelie bars
  • Exterior: Must have ALL DOT required equipment installed and fully functional (lights, horn, etc)
  • Firewall: Must have complete OEM firewall in factory location
  • Glass: Must have all OEM-type glass windows (unless otherwise equipped (standard or optional) by manufacturer); lightweight laminated/film tinted glass OK. Door windows must roll up/down (no pinned regulators); EXCEPTION FOR EL CAMINO/RANCHERO/PICKUP TRUCK–MAY HAVE LEXAN/POLYCARBONATE REAR CAB WINDOW TO ACCOMMODATE REAR ROLLBAR/CAGE BARS (All other poly/lexan is prohibited–this includes Optic Armor and similar products)
  • Exhaust: Must run mufflers (bullets OK); Exhaust must exit at rear axle (flush to axle tubes OK); Wastegates exempt; No open cut outs/bypasses; Factory sidepipes OK (ie: Viper; Corvette; Shelby)
  • Interior: Must have all factory-type interior (headliner, carpet, door panels, dash, two front seats-aftermarket OK) Rear Seat Delete OK w/upholstery. NO EXPOSED TIN.
  • Powertrain: Internal Combustion/Compression Engine only; No restrictions
  • Power adders: No restrictions
  • 1/4 mile
  • BUY IN: $200 (all due @ lock in)
  • PAY OUT: $5,000 to win, $1,000 runner up. Sponsored by Mutant Motorsports.
  • Field size: 8 min, 16 max

KOTS Banger Class

  • 28″ Tire (any)
  • Any “H” pattern manual trans
  • Any foot operated, manual clutch
  • Stock Suspension (F/R)
  • NO wheelie bars
  • Must have doors
  • 1/4 mile
  • BUY IN: $200 (all due @ lock in)
  • PAY OUT: 100%; 80/20 winner/runner up (guaranteed minimum, not including sponsor/promoter added money)
  • Field Size: 8 max

KOTS Gangster Class

  • 26” tire (any)
  • Any rear suspension
  • Stock style front
  • NO wheelie bars
  • Must have doors
  • 1/8 mile
  • BUY IN: $200 (all due @ lock in)
  • PAY OUT: $8,000 to win, $1,000 runner up. Sponsored by DK Contractors.
  • FIELD SIZE: 8 min, 16 max

KOTS Unlimited Class

  • Must have doors (no rail/funny car)
  • Minimum tire height 29″ (any width)
  • 1/8 mile
  • (That’s it. Really. We even allow pro mods)
  • BUY IN: $200 (all due @ lock in)
  • PAY OUT: $3,000 to win, $1,000 runner up. Sponsored by Monkeyshine.
  • Field Size: 8 max

KOTS Sr. Class

  • 28 x 10.5 non-W or 275/60-15
  • Any rear suspension
  • Any front suspension (Wheelbase +/- 2″ from OEM)
  • No wheelie bars
  • Must have doors
  • 1/8 mile
  • BUY IN: $1 (all due @ lock in)
  • PAY OUT: $10,000 to win! Sponsored by Traction by Boosted and Midwest Tint and Vinyl.
  • Field Size: 8 min, 32 max


KOTS Extreme Bike Class

  • One rule: No wheelie bars.
  • Anything else goes
  • 1/8 Mile
  • PAY OUT: 100% 80/20 winner/runner up.
  • FIELD SIZE: 8 min, 16 max

KOTS Jr. Bike Class

  • True Hand Clutch; DOT Tire; No Bars
  • MUST COMPLETE CRUISE (details below)
  • Must run same fuel tank in cruise and competition
  • 1/8 mile
  • BUY IN: $150 (all due at lock in)
  • PAY OUT: Based on bike count @ 8 bikes Heyyo adds $500.
  • FIELD SIZE: 16 max

Jr. Bike Cruise Rules

  • All Jr Bike Entries must successfully complete the Cruise to compete!
  • Rider entered must be on their entered bike, fully suited, during Cruise
  • Riders should maintain stagger formation and adequate spacing
  • Riders may not pass Cruise Leader (unless they crash and you can’t stop quick enough), nor fall behind Chase Vehicle–either is an automatic DQ
  • Two tires on the ground at all times
  • Any leaks or breakdowns—DQ
  • Any crashes–DQ (exception if somebody hits you, or you hit a rider who crashes in front of you–allow adequate spacing)
  • No outside assistance of any kind allowed
  • Cruise is restricted to riders only (nobody allowed on race track during Cruise)

Jr. Bike Cruise Format

  • Be prepared to ride from 5-30 laps.
    Upon completion of final lap:
  • All bikes will go to the staging lanes.
  • Bikes will be shut off.
  • Bikes must be restarted within 5 minutes of shut down.
  • Upon successful restart, cruise will be complete and racers may return to pits.